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Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, I gradually became aware of the quality and clarity of light exclusively available in the city. I received my first camera at 13, and started experimenting in the darkroom. Exposed to the works of Salvador Dali and David Lynch at an early age, I carried over this surrealist impression into what photography could be. Persistent guidance from my art teacher Wilf Wenzel, countless hours of trial and error in the darkroom of the Alternative High School, and an all too brief stint at the Alberta College of Art and Design  where I discovered the possibilities of shadow, texture and line usage.

Moving from still images to filmmaking, I graduated from the Vancouver Film School’s Film Production program in 2007, where I wrote and directed the short film ‘Squeezed.’ 2010 brought the Olympic ‘Dream It’ video for the City of Richmond, a music video for Matthew David and two episodes of a web series. I’m currently working on a short film adaptation of the Greg Egan story ‘Axiomatic.’